Sunday Discussion: Happy Halloween Reads!

Hello Page Turners!

Happy Sunday!

happyhalloween[1]Since we will be celebrating Halloween soon, let’s discuss scare books.

I am giving you a list of the most scary books I’ve read recently and I want you to share yours!

Intensity by Dean Kootz

Too Close by Linwood Barclay

Mr. Merceds By Stephen King

The Preference by AK Alexander

The Husband by Dean Kootz

Have you read these books? I recently got into Dean Kootz…he’s become a favorite thriller author of mine.

Happy Halloween! Be sure to eat lots of candy and read scary books!



Book Review: The Marriage Pact

Hello Page Turners!

I’ve got a good one for you today.

31748890So last week I did a lot of reading. Got through a lot of books and The Marriage Pact was one I finished.

This book is about a couple who is recently married and is approached by someone who invites them to join the marriage pact. Now The Marriage Pact is a tight group of people that is formed to help marriages last. This young couple, Alice and Jake, think this is the perfect thing for them. They are in love and want their marriage to last so they immediately join the Marriage Pact.

But the pact is not like any other marriage group to enhance the beauty of marriage. This is more like a cult with rules you must abide by and if you don’t you will be punished.

Punishments come with jail time, wearing ornaments that show you have been convicted of not treating your spouse right or not abiding by the rules and somehow, the members of this pact know your every move.

But then Jake comes in contact with an old friend of his who is also in the pact and she begins to tell him things that don’t seem right. He begins to believe that he and his wife shouldn’t have joined the pact and they want out.

I will say this had my attention from the beginning because my only question was how do they get out of this. The punishments were crazy and they story was fast-paced and made my heart race. But towards the end I began to want the story to be over. The situations were just too much. When Jake finally started understanding what he should do to get him and his wife out of the pact it just became too much. Some of the things the pact had Alice and Jake doing was a bit much and I wondered, do people really join groups like this because they think it will make their marriage better? This book does make you think. I gave it four stars.

The Marriage Pact


Thursday Thoughts; Never Interrupt my Reading!

Hello Page Turners!

a508bffa54cc9ca2ee6e7a1c63d7ef2c--leave-me-alone-talk-to-meSo, last week I was in Starbucks. I like to go there a few times a month to simply read and drink my White Hot Chocolate. I dropped my daughter off at school and headed that way. I found a nice corner in the establishment, got my drink and settled in to relax.

Now, I realize everyone doesn’t go to Starbuck to read. Some come to socialize and some come to work or people watch. I was sitting off in the corner, by myself with a book in my hand. Not my iPad, but an actual book. This man, who is clearly a regular and knows everyone who works there and everyone who frequents the establishment, made it his business to sit next to me and have a loud conversation. I was immediately annoyed.

Have you ever been somewhere reading and then someone who is clearly not a reader, decides to sit next to you and have a loud conversation as if you aren’t reading? I mean, on one hand we can’t get upset right? They don’t understand our thinking as a reader, but then on the other hand it’s like, I was here first, why can’t you be respectful and go somewhere else so I can read in peace.

What are you thoughts?


Current Read: Haunted

Hello Page Turners!

33784286So I am currently reading the latest book in the Michael Bennet Series by James Patterson. (When am I not reading a James Patterson book?) This book follows Detective Bennet as he is faced with the criminal case against his oldest son, Brian. He is also assigned to a case about a young boy is who brutally killed over drugs.

I’m just about half way through with this one and it’s, of course, a page turner.

I enjoy this series very much. James Patterson only releases books from this series once every year, which I hate, but it’s worth the wait.

The first book in this series is Step on a Crack. 

If you are reading this series, read along with me. 


Book Review: Aberration

Hellon Page Turners!

30826225Aberration is about an FBI agent who is seeking a serial killer who is killing people and then leaving behind the words For you. As if he is killing for someone. The team has no idea who is doing the killing and why. But it’s gruesome and creepy.

The killer is someone who has two personalities and tends to black out not remembering any of the killings. The main character Kassidy is in a relationship with Jory, another agent but when tragedy hits close to home twice for Kassidy, she struggles to bounce back. It looks like Kassidy is being stalked but she and her team can’t figure out who the stalker is.

Eventually, Kassidy is faced with the killer and is shocked to learn he’s been right up under her nose the entire time.

I gave this book four stars. It was pretty good for me. It started out excellent but I’ve seen this type of main character before and the situation around her was too familiar. So I wasn’t blown away by the main character or any of the characters. I was shocked to find out who the killer was though. Her writing was pretty good and I probably will read something else by her. Pretty good job.

Check it out!


Sunday Discussion: Psychological Thrillers

Hello Page Turners!!!

Happy Sunday!

1496695982348So I am a lover of Psychological Thrillers. I love a story that makes you think. But I’m wondering, why is it that the main character is always a hopeless woman who’s been through some kind of distress and is trying too put her life back together.

And then she ends up being naive to someone in her life that causes her more stress. I’m reading two psychological thriller right now by two different authors and they have the exact same main character.

Is it just me? If you are a psychological thriller reader, do you find this same pattern with the main character? What psychological thriller have you read recently? Are you seeing a pattern?

Let’s discuss!


Book Review; Secrets to the Grave

Hello Page Turners,

51dNFkkC8nLHappy Friday! Time for another book review.

Over this past weekend I finished Secrets to the Grave by Tami Hoag. I talked about her first book in this series called Deeper than the Dead. This series is based in the 80’s and 90’s when there was hardly any forensic science to help criminal cases. But I have fallen in love with these characters. I love the series.

Secrets to the Grave follows the homicide team in Oak Knoll California who come upon a horribly killed woman and her daughter, however her daughter who was almost strangled to death did not die. She saw her mother’s killer and her attacker but she is suppressing the events and isn’t quite talking to reveal who this person is.

Anne who was a school teacher in the previous book is now married to Vince and he is doing his best to keep her safe but danger continues to find her as old faces resurface.

Of course, the killer is right up under everyones noses. I’m sure readers will be shocked. I’ve read enough of these books to know, nine times out of ten, the killer is close to home.

What seems to be a killer full of rage turns out to be someone who’s possessive and will have what belongs to them, no matter what’s at stake. If you don’t pay attention, the killer will shock you too!

I rated this one four stars!

Check it out today! 


Thursday Thoughts: The Ending of your Favorite Character

Hello Page Turners!

o-SUMMER-READING-570-2.jpgSo I have a scary question for you. How would it affect you if your favorite author killed off one of their amazing main characters? Say a long standing series like James Patterson’s Alex Cross or his Women’s Murder Club. How would that affect you as a reader? I’m not even sure I’d rebound from that. My days of reading would probably be over (LOL)

But seriously, let’s think about this. The books can’t go on forever. They have to end at some point. So how do you think you will deal with that?

There’s an author that passed away before he could finish his series, Stephen J. Cannell. His crime thrillers were amazing!!! But he was only able to release about nine books in the series because he was ill and passed away. This series was beginning to become my favorite series and then he all of a sudden died. I was crushed! So it really makes us think; what are we going to do when our favorite character dies with our favorite author.

Give me your thoughts!


Current Read: Don’t You Cry

Hello Page Turners!

Happy Tuesday!

51vpkc7+4XL-2On Sunday I started Don’t Cry by Mary Kubica. I read her previous book, The Good Girl which was excellent so I picked this one up hoping it would be the same.

So far so good. I’m just a few chapters in. Quinn, wakes up to her friend and roommate, Esther missing. She spends her morning trying to keep it as normal as possible. But something just isn’t right. Quinn is beginning to question all she knew about her friend.

Join with me!


Book Review: Faithless

Hello Page Turners!

51O2eyydVrLIt’s Monday. Time for another book review.

I finished Faithless by Karin Slaughter over the weekend. I’ve been reading this one for quite some time and I am just now finishing it. Not because it wasn’t good but because I have so many other books I am reading, I was determined to finish this one this weekend.

Faithless is in the Grant County Series that features Medical Examiner Sara Linton, Police Chief Jeffery Tolliver and Detective Lena Adams. This series is crazy!!!!! I am so in love with this author. I read something on her website. It wasn’t by accident. I’m the type of reader that I don’t really mind knowing spoilers because I’m still gonna read it. Something crazy happens to end this series. I mean, no more Grant County books and it makes me terribly sad. I have arrived at the last book in this series.

Faithless is the second to last book that follows Sara and her ex-husband, Jeff through a twisted story where religion and murder meet in the middle. While Jeff is delivering some news to Sara, they come upon a dead body. The crime takes the readers into a small community that delivers religious healing in the form of murder and torture.

Meanwhile, Lena is dealing with some demons of her own that she faces everyday and Sara and Jeff are trying to work out this so called relationship that they have.

Although the plot around this dead body is sickening, I love Sara and Jeff and I love how they’ve grown as a couple. Their love for each other really shows in this book. I just cannot get enough of them. I rated this book four stars. Karin does an excellent job in taking the readers right into the lives of these characters. I get so emotional while reading about Sara and her life. Her love for Jeff. Her closeness with her mother, father and sister. It’s amazing.  I am so eager to read the last book in the Grant County Series.

Come get hooked on the Grant County Series